<guilt_trip>For those of you who either perform electronic music or organize events, you already understand the financial barriers presented when trying to bring music to people. Creating the music is the easy part. Delivering it to the people is the difficult part.

For those of you who enjoy the music or the events, you understand that the fee you pay to attend these events is a modest sum to request when you consider the investments artists and event hosts make in their time, utilities, travel, software/hardware costs, etc.</guilt_trip>

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DigStation - Indie Music Downloads
NPX Music Compilation Vol 1 is now available for purchase through DigStation.com! 100% of your purchase goes directly to the NPX Collective and helps to fund future events.

NPX Music Compilation Vol 1 includes releases from:

Passable Plastic_vectorzero
The Megadrives
I Eat Zeroes & Ones
Jason Carr
I, Synthesist
Purchase the NPX Music Compilation Vol 1 CD via PayPal. The cost is $10 which includes S/H.