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Been There, Done That :: 3rd Thursdays Feat. Passable Plastic and Philthy Paul

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
Been There, Done That

Been There, Done That

Every 3rd Thursday @ Medusa Lounge, Passable Plastic & Philthy Paul will be hosting Been There Done That, a raw electroclash dance floor extravaganza.  Attendance is most likely free and will be in business until further notice.  Check it out!

Splice featuring MAD, _vectorzero, City Rain & Yohei Nishiyama

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Join us on Sunday, February 8th, as we return from our 6-month hiatus. Our batteries are fully charged, and a night of audiovisual delight is guaranteed.

_vectorzero (Brooklyn)
M A D (Philly)
City Rain (Philly)

State Grezzi

Yohei Nishiyama

Matt Parker
Alex Kauffman

Maxx Klaxon